By combining all three systems Better Sweep is able to provide cleaning services to a broad range of industries. We have successfully completed jobs in excess of 40,000 square metres and can provide either one or all of our services to meet your cleaning requirements as well as providing you with options and an overview on how to achieve the result you are looking for. We can provide you with a one off clean or a schedule for regular maintenance cleaning.
All of our equipment is regularly cleaned and serviced. We provide our staff with training in basic maintenance as this assists in their understanding of the equipment they are using and enables them to troubleshoot in the field if necessary. The implementation of this hands-on approach enables us to provide an efficient and reliable service.


Tennant S30 and S20 Gas Ride On Power Sweepers

SweeperA dirty, littered area portrays an unsafe environment. Using industry-leading Tennant sweepers, we can help you present your outdoor area to welcome customers into your facility.

We can improve health standards for your staff and customers by improving air quality in areas such as basement car parks utilising Tennant’s ‘Sweep Smart‘ technology to control and reduce dust.


Using Tennant’s ‘Sweep Smart‘ technology; a 3 stage dust control system for superior dust control with increased speed in the brooms and vacuum enabling easy pick up of fine grains of sand, gravel and other light debris, they have excellent maneuverability and the capacity to operate on a wide range of hard surfaces.


Tennant 7400 Gas and 7200 Electric Ride On Power Scrubbers

ScrubberWe can develop an outstanding image of your facility by using Tennant equipment creating clean, safe areas. Don’t risk the negative publicity associated with unhygienic areas or slip and fall accidents.

Our Tennant equipment is easy to clean and sanitise, guaranteeing a superior cleaning performance every time.

We can keep your high traffic areas clean and safe. With our Tennant scrubbing equipment we are able to ensure your facility is constantly clean and open for business.


Power Scrubbing Results

Power Scrubbing Results

Our equipment is quiet and offers variable control of detergent and water to brushes whilst scrubbing the surface and vacuuming waste water leaving a clean and in most cases an immediately dry surface. Our electric scrubber is of a smaller design and has the ability to work in confined spaces and in areas where food is stored or processed.

During our Scrubbing process we also offer the added benefit of Pressure Cleaning the edges, around columns, in and around car stops including the car stops and/or kerbing ensuring a thorough clean.


Pressure Cleaning

Pressure Cleaning Results

Pressure Cleaning Results

We can keep your high traffic areas clean and safe, with our High Pressure Cleaning equipment. We use a broad range of equipment with various applications including the use of quick break / biodegradable detergents. Offering the most effective solutions to achieve the optimum result thus ensuring your facility is constantly clean and open for business.


  • Pressure Up to 5000psi
  • Hot Water
  • Rotary High Pressure Cleaning
  • High Pressure Surface Cleaner
  • 3 Phase Unit
    Pressure Cleaning - Before and After

    Pressure Cleaning - Before and After

  • Vacuum Systems / Containment / Waste Removal
  • Quick Break / Biodegradable detergents
  • Registered Water Efficient Operators
  • Approved Recycled Water Carriers


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